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VRQA Guidelines - How to Meet Them

VRQA Guidelines
The Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority developed the new VRQA Guidelines for VET Providers to strengthen the quality of Vocational Education & Training (VET) in Victoria.
These Guidelines align nicely with the Australian Quality Training Framework.


Skynet Education has designed 'The 5 VRQA Guidelines - How To Meet Them CD'
for the VRQA Guidelines.

The CD details the required evidence for each guideline and refers to specifically developed documents & templates to help meet compliance.

The 5 VRQA Guidelines - How To Meet Them CD

is here in an ‘easy to follow’ format – Save your time and money in creating these documents! Only $499 + GST = $549


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The CD has been specifically developed to cover these areas:

  1. Governance, Probity and Compliance with Statutory Requirements
  2. Quality Assurance, Review and Evaluation Processes
  3. Student Enrolment Records and Certification
  4. Student Learning Outcomes and Welfare Services
  5. Teaching, Learning and Assessment

The materials are provided in word format with more than 170 pages of information jam packed into more than 35 documents which can be installed on unlimited computers within your RTO including also PowerPoint and Excel files. (TAFEs and consultants please refer to licensing conditions). There are NO ongoing fees. Sorry, we are currently updating the materials, the CD is not for sale.

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What is on our CD?
Please click here for details of what is included on 'The 5 VRQA Guidelines - How To Meet Them CD'.

VRQA Guidelines for Vet Providers
Download the VRQA Guidelines for VET Providers here
Download the Checklist - VRQA Guidelines for VET Providers here

Our Experience: Our materials were developed by Ray Earl, an education professional who has owned an RTO (which always passed audits), worked in senior management at Australia’s Largest Dual Sector University where he set up an AQTF compliance division. He also worked in senior management positions at private RTOs from Training and Compliance Manager to CEO, delivering to local & international cohorts and has a wide breadth of experience in audits and RTO Governance Committees at TAFEs, Universities and private RTOs. Educational qualifications include: Masters Degree of Education, Diploma Training & Assessment, Diploma Quality Auditing, TAA CertIV and Masters Degree of Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

It is imperative that you read and agree to our Terms and Conditions before you buy our CD. Click here for a copy of document.
Do not purchase our materials if you are a RTO Education Consultant or intend on using our materials in more than one RTO. If you purchase these materials in the current format then you will be in breach of our licence terms and conditions and you may face litigation.
If you are a RTO Education Consultant and/or maybe an RTO that also does RTO consulting work and you wish to use our materials then there is a consultants licence agreement.
If you wish to use our materials in more than one RTO then there is a different licence agreement.
If you are a Public Provider do not purchase from this website, there is a different licence agreement for TAFE Institutes and the licence fee will relate to your scope and size.
Kindly note that it is far better and cheaper to be honest at the onset than to purchase our products fraudulently and be caught down the track... Contact Ray with your licence requirements.

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