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Skynet Corporation Pty Ltd
PO Box 388, Avondale Heights, 3034
Tel 0409 855 986


Skynet Corporation Testimonials - here are just a few of the many testimonials
we have received from clients, these attest to our credibility:

Skynet Corporation assures that all these testimonials have been completed by clients that Skynet Corporation has consulted or trained or sold resources to over the last few years. These are just a few of the people who have given written approval for us to place their Testimonials on our site.

The VET Quality Framework - Legislative Instruments and Risk Management Brief was developed and facilitated by Ray Earl during August and September 2011 to over 260 RTOs in Six States,
click here for a few of the testimonials.

Assistance to Apprentices Trainees Employment Ltd (ATEL) - Compliance Audit
Scope of engagement was to complete Internal Audit and Rectification Audit

After the Audit Reports were provided to ATEL, we asked the client, Mr Dean MacPherson if the decision to complete the audit was a worthy financial outlay? the formal response was: "Yes - provided guidance and confirmed that we were "on the right track". We found the services beneficial as Ray was so thorough it gave us confidence in achieving a positive result..."

Dean MacPherson - General Manager Regional
Apprentice Trainees Employment Ltd

Assistance to Pass ASQA Audit for Initial Registration
"Dear Ray, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for the assistance you gave us to pass our ASQA audit and become a RTO. You made the process clear and achievable. We found you personally to be informed, approachable and concise, whilst the quality of your resource materials made the process not seem as daunting as it first appeared.
You have obviously applied your extensive knowledge of the VET sector to produce resources that are easy to follow, and meet the standards. Although these resources could be followed without your guidance, I found your personal approach reassuring and informative.
I look forward to using your services again in the future and have no hesitation in recommending you..."

Maria-Louise Culcasi - Director
Safety Training Solution Australia Pty Ltd

Engagement to complete Internal Audit of the Australian Childhood Foundation (ACF). After the Audit Report was provided to ACF, we asked the client, Ms Marina Dickson if the decision to complete the audit was a worthy financial outlay? the formal response was:
"Absolutely - it has given me a clear 'road-map' for corrective actions and firmly placed compliance on the management agenda. Thanks Ray, for a comprehensive and most valuable service that has been so beneficial for our organization. The process throughout - including your follow-up has been thorough, thoughtful and efficient..."

Marina Dickson - Program Manager
Vocational Training Program
Australian Childhood Foundation

Engagement to complete Internal Audit of the Sydney School of Business & Technology (SSBT). After the Audit Report was provided to SSBT, we asked the client, Mr Rama Burugupalli if the decision to complete the audit was a worthy financial outlay? the formal response was:
"Certainly, Its given a solid foundation for a systematic approach to meet VQF requirements. Thank you Ray for a thorough audit. I like your methodical audit process, well worth it and can recommend to anyone..."

Rama Burugupalli - General Manager
Sydney School of Business &

Engagement contract to support Ducere (Australia) Pty Ltd in preparing to register as a RTO. At the end of the engagement we asked Ducere CEO, Mr Oskar Santos, did Skynet Corporation and Ray meet all deliverables as per scope of engagement?
His formal answer and testimonial was:

"Yes, very much so. Overall we could not be happier with the service from Skynet. We would highly recommend them to anyone..."

Oskar Santos - CEO
Ducere (Australia) Pty Ltd

"Ray thank you so much for your wonderful VET Quality Framework Management System and audit tool. It was easy to use and implement into our existing system, incredibly well thought out and more importantly, enabled us to fully understand and implement the VET Quality Framework into our business. As a result of your system, we were compliant on all standards and passed the ASQA audit first time! Thank you!..."

Nicole Bijlsma - CEO
Australian College of Environmental Studies

"I have been working in the RTO sector for over 5 years and have been given the opportunity of implementing and applying for initial registration as an RTO in Victoria.
While I have a thorough understanding of RTO’s and their governing compliance through the AQTF as well as guidelines set out by State Training Authorities (in my instance this is the VRQA), I have found the purchase of SkyNet Education products, particularly the VRQA Guidelines CD to be an invaluable support and guide.
The information contained in the CD is up to date, compliant and has ensured that as I write the guidelines that I am demonstrating not only my knowledge and understanding of the AQTF and VRQA guidelines but most importantly how it is that my future RTO is compliant with these guidelines.
The essence of the guidelines in establishing that the primary purpose of an RTO is education, that it is financially viable and that the RTO will provide education with a standard of both quality and care for students and compliance to the VRQA and AQTF is guaranteed when following the CD and the information contained within it.
Further to this, the standard of service given to me by Ray through conversation and enquiries has left me with an absolute certainty that he is equally passionate in assisting RTO’s whose genuine intention it is to provide quality and compliant education to it’s students.
I am more than happy to validate this testimonial verbally and can be contacted at any time on the details set out below..."

Bianca Liberatore - Training Manager
Vertex Business Services

Engagement to complete Internal Audit of Patrick Corporation. This is a copy of letter of appreciation from the National Training Co-ordinator, Mr Fred Capuano:

Dear Ray
Please accept this letter of appreciation from me and Tony Murray (CEO) with regards to the audit that you have recently completed on our Industry RTO.
We found that the audit process was fair and conducted professionally by you. Our overall impression was that:

1. Your overall knowledge of audit requirements and applicable legislation was exceptional
2. Your focus remained on the task at hand which gave us great value for money
3. Your exit debrief on the day of the audit was very comprehensive
4. Your audit report was delivered on time, as promised by your initial undertaking, prior to our acceptance of SkyNet’s proposal
5. Your audit was well written and extremely accurate
6. Your recommendations were realistic and highlighted the concerns that were expressed during the audit
7. We especially and greatly appreciated you willingness to share with us your thoughts and documentation that you felt would be of benefit to the operation of the RTO. We found that your unsolicited willingness to assist us in every way possible (even when it extended outside of the original brief) was not only refreshing but clearly indicated your level of professionalism
Ray, once again, thank you for your assistance

Kindest regards
Frank Capuano
National Training Co-ordinator
Patrick Corporation

"Dear Ray, Thank you for sending the copy of “The 5 VRQA guidelines – How to meet them” CD so promptly. It has already become an incredibly valuable resource for us. Sometimes the compliance requirements just seem like a maze to negotiate but your instruction “manual” and the evidence templates has made that pathway a little clearer.

As a team we have started a self audit utilising your guide as our checklist and are busily filling in the gaps that have become apparent. Certainly the templates included have saved us a lot of time and effort as we now do not have to start from scratch. While, as an RTO, we were audited and compliant 12 months ago, the many changes to registration requirements have left us with some work to do..."

Kindest regards Lexii Marquardt
Manager – La Trobe Lifeskills

"The CD of compliance material we purchased from Skynet covering the standards of initial registration as an RTO have been excellent. The proforma policies and procedures are very practical and the explanatory notes gave us the answers/insights into the relevance or applicability of certain procedures - we found these additional instructions very helpful. The business plan is also an excellent template for presenting key information about the training business, and the financial analysis input sheets very useful in ensuing we provided the required financial data. Ray Earl from Skynet was able to answer our additional questions online, which gave us the necessary direction and confidence with our application..."

Maggie Andrews - Director
Exner Engineering Pty Ltd

"Ray Earl a consultant for RTO s and small business offers genuine, honest, informative advice to clients who wish to set up an RTO along with their business. He has enormous amount of experience and is keen to reach out to business owners to help fill in any gaps that he may find to help business succeed. He is reliable and professional with his approach. I am happy to recommend Ray Earl and wish him all the very best in his future business decisions..."

Victoria Allpress
Beauty Educator

"The service was excellent, the presentation, the trainer and the knowledge acquired..."
Frank Sandiano - Warehouse Operator
Completed a Certificate III in Transport & Distribution (Warehousing)
"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for a fantastic days training for Brenna and Greg. It was a really thorough, organized, creative and fun day for both of them. They are now teaching John and I some really useful tips and shortcuts, they have both gained an enormous amount for the day and I truly appreciate. Thanks again..."
Cecilia Glossop - Director
Glossop Town Planning
"I was very satisfied with Skynets training. The course in mind mapping was extremely beneficial improving my time mgmt & memory retention/recall skills. It was amazing how the course has opened up my innovative thinking process. I would highly recommend Skynet's training and I'm delighted with the results..."
Helen Jiang - Finance Officer
The University of Melbourne
"The course was good to obtain a basic understanding of the fundamental principles involved in IT..."
Matthew Pryor
Completed a Certificate IV In Information Technology
"Skynet was very flexible with training hours & available at any time for queries etc... As long as this great attitude & easy approach continues-this business will continue to succeed well into the future. Thank you for your support..."
Nicola Howatt - Commercial Services Executive Manager
Dixon Kestles
"The course will definitely help me now and in the future..."
Helen Ke - Business Agent
"The course expanded my knowledge of Information Technology and assisted in developing and implementing Service Level Agreements and communication standards..."
Chris Williams - Service Delivery Planner

Completed a Certificate IV In Information Technology
"Very good, easy information, helped me in my work. Trainer was excellent..."
Tony Dabab - Director
Klemms Business Brokers
"It was a very good experience, to talk to someone outside the business who understands about the industry, we know that the service is fully confidential and made us feel more confident about making very important business decisions, the business audit helped us with our business decisions in a positive way. I would recommend Skynet to anyone who wants/needs direction in their financial business life..."
Alex Goncalves - Manager
Civic Video Kensington
"I think my productivity/efficiency will improve dramatically as a result of this course. A big help!..."
Brenna - Admin Staff
Glossop Town Planning
"What I liked most about the course was the Great service and the way it was conveyed..."
Neil Morrison - Warehouse Operator

Completed a Certificate III in Transport & Distribution (Warehousing)
"This course has increased my computer and business administration knowledge and improved efficiencies and productivity on the job..."
Scott Anderson - Sales Agent
Barry Plant Bundoora
"Staff were very approachable, patient and knowledgeable. Helped increase efficiencies and productivity on the job, course worth doing..."
Sandy Newman - Administration Officer
"Overall course, training guides, sessions and exercises including presentations were excellent, I would recommend Skynet Education to a friend or business associate, many thx Ray..."
Vivienne Nicol - Legal Administration
Villamanta Legal Service
"I am writing to express my gratitude and appreciation for all the efforts you exerted whilst I was studying for my Certificate 3 in Information Technology. It was an absolute delight to have your skill, knowledge and genuine enthusiasm as a support during the course. I would have no doubt in recommending your services in any field related to the Information Technology sector..."
Robert Gray - Sales Executive
Kay & Burton
"Service and training is relaxed, informative and professional. Trainer was approachable and effective in all their dealings with us. I would have no hesitation in recommending Skynet Education to a friend or business associate..."
Mark Edwards - Manufacturing Manager
Garden City Plastics
"I am highly satisfied with the service, I rate Skynet as excellent in all facets of the course including: course sessions, exercises, the training guides and the course presentations. I highly recommend their efficient service..."
Bron Lawrence - Administration
Garden City Plastics
"Skynet were very efficient, very friendly and very helpful. I was asked if there was any advise to Skynet for improvement, my answer was-they do no need to improve..."
Melanie Fisher - Receptionist
Dr. Peter Scott Dental Surgery
"The trainee found the trainer approachable and effective, Skynet responded quickly to any problems that the trainee was having. I would be happy to recommend Skynet to business associates and would like more information re other courses..."
Debbie Smith - Director
Marketing Skills
"Great way to obtain a certificate whilst working. I thought the support from Ray and Jamie was fantastic. I felt I greatly improved my skills and productivity at work..."
Melanie Barber - Telemarketing
Phone Skills
"I am very happy that I can now find my way around a computer & have confidence in using different programs. Skynet Education were very helpful and friendly..."
Jo Boothroyd - Sales Administration
Carey First National
"The training has certainly improved my knowledge in all areas - able to use knowledge in my day to day work. The course material is a good reference and used regularly. The overall course is rated as excellent..."
Rosemary Pitts - Administration Officer
Focus Paper
"The course was very good, some subjects were a little easier. The overall course was very good. Would recommend Skynet..."
Ravi Chand - Events & Sports Manager
Monash University
"Trainers were helpful and gave good support to trainees..."
Steve Dawes - Warehouse Supervisor
Atlas Specialty Metals
"We found the course informative - it helped improve efficiency in the programs trained in..."
Barbara Jones - Manager Safety, Environment & Quality
Atlas Specialty Metals
"I fully enjoyed the course, obtained a lot of useful information and now have the training manuals to refer to in the future. By the end of the course we were always using the computer, this made learning so much easier..."
Lesley Nihill - Accounts
Ray White South Morang
"I believe that this training has really good basic computer fundamentals incorporated into it. I think there would be a lot of employers and employees that could derive good benefit from it..."
John Heath - Sales Manager
Graham Betts Real Estate
"This course improved my level of knowledge in a personal and friendly environment. The overall course is rated as excellent..."
Michelle Hillard - Accounts Officer
Macbird Floraprint
"The business administration course is well suited to a wide range of pc users and Skynet Education delivered a number of useful concepts and tools in a professional and well thought out manner..."
David Evans - Information Technology Administrator
GCP Monbulk
"I found Skynet Education excellent in explaining areas I had difficulty understanding. I have learned areas to assist me in my position and would recommend Skynet..."
Jackie Bampton - Accounts Administrator
Dixon Kestles
"The course was very helpful and the trainer is good..."
John Zhang - Sales Executive
Klemms Business Agents
"Overall I have learnt from this course. The overall course is rated as VERY GOOD..."
Jane Kelly - Accounts Receptionist
Midway Metals
"I have learnt to use the systems and as such it has improved my efficiencies..."
Stephen Little - Warehouse Manager
Midway Metals
"Makes me feel more confident using computers and more knowledgeable, more technically confident, increase my efficiency on the job..."
Mohammed Soufan - Sales Executive
Klemms Business Agents
"In certain areas I was updated and others I learned new information and skills. It made me more conscious of ergonomics in the workforce..."
Christine Rouse - Secretary to Director
Travellers Aid Society of Victoria
"In relation to your course and training-your service is already very good. The course and trainers give us more confidence to use computers..."
Martin Luo - Business Agent
Klemms Business Agents
"The overall course was excellent. Trainers were approachable and quickly responded to any problems the trainee was having. The course has made myself aware of what uses Microsoft office has to offer, time saver..."
Sarah Carey - Director
Carey First National
"I found Skynets course easy to understand, professionally presented, trainer was 'on time' and thorough. And above all the course was excellent..."
John Andrews - Starter
Yarra Trams

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