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RTO Resources Online Purchases

This page breaks down a list of the most requested VET Quality Framework - Quality Management System Resources including: Policies, Procedures, Forms, Templates and Working Documents. If you can't find the document you want, simply contact us with your requirement (chances are that we have the resource but is not listed below). In most instances the resources listed below can also be used for AQTF Standards by simply replacing reference to VQF to AQTF.

PLEASE NOTE: The products for sale on this page have not been developed for the Standards for RTOs 2015. There are no refunds available.

These items are contained within the full versions of our CDs, however in some cases a client may only require a few documents and so we have developed this page for you to purchase resources seperately online. They may also be downloaded immediately for online payment.
Please note that these documents are purchased seperately and do not come with any listed associated documents or files unless purchased.

Are you interested in any of our full CD series? RTO Standards 2015, AQTF, CRICOS Reg RTO, VRQA Guidelines

Policies and Procedures

buynow.gif CEO Notification Policy (2pg) $44.00 buynow.gif Collection and Analysis of Client Feedback Policy (3pg) $55.00
buynow.gif Complaints and Appeals Policy (5pg) $66.00 buynow.gif Continuous Improvement Policy (7pg) $88.00
buynow.gif Induction Process Procedure (2pg) $33.00 buynow.gif Internal Audit Policy (4pg) $59.00
buynow.gif National Recognition Policy (3pg) $39.00 buynow.gif Qualifications Issuance Policy (8pg) $119.00
buynow.gif Risk Management Policy (6pg) $88.00 buynow.gif RPL Policy (4pg) $79.00
buynow.gif Staff Development Policy (3pg) $33.00 buynow.gif Validation and Moderation Policy (4pg) $79.00
buynow.gif Transition Arrangement Policy (4 pg) $79.00 buynow.gif Training and Assessment Strategy Policy (6pg) $88.00

Forms, Templates & Working Documents

buynow.gif Business Plan Template (10pg) $99.00 buynow.gif Corrective Action Record (24 linked excel worksheets) $179.00
buynow.gif Financial Modelling - Profit & Loss, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet $89.00 buynow.gif Fit and Proper Person Register (1pg) $19.00
buynow.gif Management Review Report (4pg) $59.00 buynow.gif Planning Review Schedule (1pg) $19.00
buynow.gif Risk Management Audit Report Register (2pg) $25.00 buynow.gif Student Enrolment Form (4pg) $49.00
buynow.gif Training Agreement Monitoring Checklist (2pg) $39.00 buynow.gif Trainer Pre-Employment Test (4pg) $69.00
buynow.gif Training and Assessment Strategy Template (13pg) $49.00 Click here to buy the VQF Audit Toolbox VQF Audit Toolbox (90pg and over 270 questions) $438.90
buynow.gif Training and Assessment Strategy Review (3pg) $39.00 buynow.gif FREE Sample Mapping Matrix for ICA05 Unit of Competency

Our Products

National Code ESOS Resources - NO LONGER AVAILABLE

National Code ESOS Resourcescart


AQTF Resourcescart

5 VRQA Guidelines Resources - NO LONGER AVAILABLE

The 5 VRQA Guidelines Resourcescart