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The Review of the Standards for the Regulation of VET

A New Set of Standards – due for implementation from 2014
Change is a constant and, as we all know the VET industry in Australia is always analysing and reflecting on past judgements and then improving to meet the needs of its stakeholders. What we have today, may not be our needs of tomorrow. In the last couple years we have had a number of changes including the introduction of the VET Quality Framework, a new iteration of AQTF, and most recently amendments to the ESOS Act 2000.

The Submissions
There were 114 submissions received by NSSC as part of the review as outlined in the Consultation Paper. I have scanned several of the submissions and agree there are some short comings to the current regulations that require change and improvement. Many voices had differing opinions on requirements moving forward. Appendix B of the paper provides a timeline and details the process moving forward.

Implementation of a New Set of Standards
The development of a New Set of Standards is currently underway, but rest easy, it will not be on the VET Sectors Doorstep for implementation for some time to come. NSSC has stated ‘The outcomes of this review will be a new set of standards for the regulation of VET, to be considered by SCOTESE in late 2013 for implementation from 2014.’ (NSSC Issues Paper 2012, p.2). You may access a copy of the NSSC Issue Paper here or go to NSSC website.

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