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Restructuring of Training Packages – ‘Streamlining’

I attended the Streamlining of Training Packages Workshop facilitated by IBSA on 8th May. I am happy to say that the workshop was well facilitated and provided a comprehensive review of the changes ahead. It was well worth attending.

This article is just an overview of what was discussed and my feedback:
In a nutshell, in December 2010 NQC (replaced by NSSC) agreed that all eleven Industry Skills Councils would transition to a new design model for streamlined training packages. As such, training packages are being restructured to become simplified, shortened and segmented, with all the excessive verbiage and repetitive information being removed. The new model is to be completed for all training packages by June 2014.

New Structure
The restructure will include two components, the first being the Endorsed Component and the second being the Companion Volume. It is interesting to note that two components ‘Employability Skills & Qualifications Pathways’ are being stripped from the endorsed component of training packages:

Employability Skills will be replaced into the companion volume and is currently under review.

In regard removal of Qualification Pathways from the endorsed component of training packages, I made a point of mentioning to the facilitator that in AQF 2011 – there is a Qualifications Pathways Policy and there are clear responsibilities listed regarding Pathways that RTOs, Accrediting Authorities and Qualification Developers must consider. My point was duly noted, lets see how this pans out.

My other query was regarding consultation with regulators, my question was: has ASQA and the State Regulators been consulted in regard the changes? The facilitator stated there had been no consultation at this point and that possibly NSSC will talk with regulators at some later point in time. Call me crazy, but I do believe these stakeholders are critical in the development of a new model and their feedback may in fact provide constructive criticism and elicit factors that the developer has not thought of nor considered. My point was duly noted.

In summary, there was a lot of constructive feedback provided by many stakeholders and I am happy to say that IBSA had welcomed the feedback and taken several pages of notes. Finally, apart from my few concerns and other queries, the new model looks impressive and if implemented correctly will have a positive impact on the VET sector.

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