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Creation of the Australian Vocational Qualification System

The creation of a New Education Framework is currently taking shape. The title will be the Australian Vocational Qualification System ‘AVQS Quality Framework’. Rather than going into a full analysis of who, what, why, and when, I will detail a few of [what I consider] the main draft changes to the VET industry that will affect all providers. Suffice to say, change certainly is a constant in our VET industry…

Do Not Panic
Firstly, note that the new regulatory standards are still in draft form and the Standards Policy Framework has not been endorsed at this point in time, there is a lot of water to go under the bridge before this framework is implemented. The NSSC (committee of SCOTESE) are responsible for the consultative review, subsequent standards drafting and implementation of the new AVQS Quality Framework.

The Standards Policy Framework – Improving Vocational Education & Training was released in June 2013 and provides a full overview of the new Policy. The following are approximate timelines as detailed in the Policy document (pg41):

  • The endorsement of standards by SCOTESE (Nov 2013)

  • A Bill must be developed and then passed through Federal Parliament to create Legislation (July 2014)

  • Transition phase (July 2014 to June 2016)

Need for Skilled Workers
The report, Skills for Prosperity: a Roadmap for Vocational Education and Training, by Skills Australia, 2011 (pg 21) stated that it is estimated that by 2015, Australia will need another 2.4 million of its workers to have qualifications at the Certificate III level and higher to meet projected industry demand and for the replacement of retiring workers.
This validates the necessity to have a VET industry with Licensed Training Organisations that have the ability to provide quality training and assessment at levels surpassing its competitors, to enable Australia with a skilled and adaptive workforce.
For Australia to become a Competitive Nation, our industries must be confident that holders of qualifications have the ability to use the skills and knowledge in the workplace as defined by the respective training package.

Main Draft Changes

  1. The title of Registered Training Organisation (RTO) replaced with Licensed Training Organisation (LTO).

  2. The title Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) replaced with Australian Vocational Qualification System (AVQS Quality Framework).

  3. The title Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations 2012 (SNR) replaced with Australian Vocational Qualification System (AVQS Quality Framework).

  4. There are approximately 16 new elements (refer appendix A for summary of changes).

  5. All LTOs licensed to deliver the TAE40110 must ensure trainers/teachers and assessors delivering the TAE hold at a minimum a Diploma in VET teaching, in addition, these LTOs will undergo external validation of the assessment of the TAE course by NSSC approved expert validator, (refer Standard 1 for more detail).

  6. All LTOs must have an assessment system that contains controlled, ordered, quality assured processes designed to ensure that assessment decisions made are consistent, fair, valid and reliable, (refer Standard 2 for more detail)

  7. All LTOs will be required to retain an Accountable Education Officer (AEO) [registered with the AVQS regulator] who is responsible for the training and assessment undertaken by the LTO. The role will either be a full-time or part-time employee, or individual shared amongst a number of LTOs or a service provided to the LTO by an external body, (refer Standard 3).

Skynet Corporation Pty Ltd is currently reviewing the draft changes and preparing policies, procedures and other documentation to support LTOs meet the new changes. To incorporate the new AVQS into the Skynet Consulting model of products and services, we have expanded and will be using a few new trademarks pending within the corporate structure of Skynet Corporation, the trademark AVQS Doctor has been applied for. A new website domain, will be actioned in due course.


NSSC Standards Policy Framework - Improving Vocational Education & Training: The Australian Vocational Qualification System

NOTE: Again, these standards are only in draft form and so the final standards may be slightly different than the current draft, and as such our final materials will reflect the legislative instruments.

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