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The VET Standards – Reviewing the Standards - Consultation by NSSC

The National Skills Standards Council (NSSC) has begun a review of the standards for the regulation of VET, focussing on issues of quality. There is a consultation paper which allows for submissions by 13th July 2012. I would recommend that you read the consultation paper and provide any relevant constructive feedback to the review. There are 16 questions to be considered, in all or part. The paper states ‘responses to this consultation paper will be considered by the NSSC in August 2012, informing deliberations regarding the areas of focus and approach that the NSSC will take to the review’ (Consultation Paper, pg16).

Full and Broad Review of the Standards
‘The ultimate outcome of this review is standards for RTOs, data, and registering and course accrediting bodies that are: appropriate for ensuring quality outcomes, clearly documented, capable of being consistently interpreted, and effectively implemented. The goal is for the standards to be considered by SCOTESE in mid-late 2013, for implementation from 2014’ (Consultation Paper, pg6). For more information click on the link:

My Comment: If you have something worthy to say that you feel may help to increase the skilling of our workforce then make your voice heard. I recall making a submission to the Baird Report – ‘Review of the ESOS Act 2000’ and one of my recommendations was accepted. It’s a great feeling when you know that your feedback was considered.

Re-registration Audits
I have been rather busy this last month supporting clients in preparation for their re-registration audits, hence the late newsletter. It gives me a great feeling when I hear positive news from clients in regard their regulator audit outcomes. Here is an email testimonial I received earlier this week from a client who had purchased our VET Quality Framework Quality Management System and Audit Toolbox:

"Ray thank you so much for your wonderful VET Quality Framework Management System and audit tool. It was easy to use and implement into our existing system, incredibly well thought out and more importantly, enabled us to fully understand and implement the VET Quality Framework into our business. As a result of your system, we were compliant on all standards and passed the ASQA audit first time! Thank you!"

Nicole Bijlsma CEO
Australian College of Environmental Studies

Thats fantastic news for Nicole, well done.

Compliance Tip Regarding: Training and Assessment Strategy Review
Have you been reviewing your Training and Assessment Strategies? If you haven’t and you are up for re-registration audit, be aware that some auditors are asking for documented proof of reviews. For readers of my newsletter I have provided a free copy for download in word version. Click here if you would like a copy.

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