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January Newsletter - Tips for Compliance in 2012

Happy New Year to all our readers, hoping you had a great break

Let's Start the Year with some Quick TIPs:

Check your Assessments and Cover Sheets: I continue to be amazed by the ‘completed assessments’ that are not compliant – this has included assessments marked incorrectly and also where no trainer/assessor comments have been made, or just a few ticks along the way... I wonder to myself, if this is what I have found then what was the quality of the materials that have been destroyed along the way?

Comments: If you have a section on the assessment form that has a heading stating, ‘Comment’ then this means that the assessor does in fact have to make a valid and relevant comment, the student certainly needs feedback and a blank assessment form with a few ticks and a (C) means nothing.

Appeals: Keep in mind that if a student appeals an assessor’s decision and the assessments were not completed properly then you do not have a leg to stand on and your credibility goes out the window.

and finally:

Enrolments Forms: I recommend that students should sign and date every page of the enrolment form, not just the last page. The reason for this is to ensure that the student has read and understood all content and is also for RTO risk mitigation in validation of the fact.
Why you may ask?
In the situation that the relationship between the RTO and student becomes unstable, the student might state that s/he was not provided a full copy of the enrolment form. This certainly gives the student an edge at the Appeals hearing...

All the best for the year ahead

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