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Mapping of Assessment Tools - A Quagmire Wrapped within an Enigma

Is there a need to show a regulator your assessment mapping? This month’s newsletter will endeavour to clear the water in this regard.
I am currently completing 3-4 audits a month, and so I see a plethora of assessment mappings - both good and bad. And yes, I strongly advocate that providers have some form of mapping, otherwise how can they in fact validate? However, there is no need to show the mapping to the auditor, unless the provider is not confident in its ability to quickly source and provide evidence when requested, or, if there is a specific regulation that requires submission of a mapping document.

The Model RTO
I was auditing a well known provider earlier this week. They had excellent learner resources, trainer guides and assessment instruments. The assessment tools outlined the tasks to be administered, the context and conditions of assessment, evidence to be gathered including the criteria to judge performance. The compliance manager provided me a copy of their mapping; I noted that it was not comprehensive, BUT who cares, not me, and WHY? Because it is NOT a requirement listed in the current legislative instrument [that I know of] to audit a ‘mapping document’.

Auditor Judgment
How did the provider demonstrate compliance? I requested evidence of several student files, and reviewed the assessments. I completed my own scan, mapping back to the UoC. I found that the assessment instruments [previously validated] were more than adequate. The student’s completed summative assessments followed the assessment plan and met the requirements of the evidence guide including required knowledge and skills and the critical aspects of evidence and assessment requirements. Therefore, the student was deemed competent.

That’s it folks, I did not need the providers mapping to support my ‘quest for the truth’. The vast majority of auditors [whether retained by the regulator or private practitioners] do not need to see a mapping to enable them to make a judgment on the provider’s level of compliance.


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