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Standards for RTOs 2015 Audits & AQTF Audits

NOTE: This website will no longer operate past end 2023. We will have a page dedicated to non legal RTO Compliance and Support located on our Law Firms Website: Markus Earl Legal. Our RTO Compliance & Support email addresses will remain the same. Please use the above link or go to

Internal Audits for RTOs
The Standards for RTOs 2015 is an improvement on the previous VQF Standards and describes the requirements that a RTO and prospective RTO must meet in order to maintain compliance. One such strategy to mitigate risk and ensure that you are aware of potential non compliance is to complete Internal Audits - Self Assessments against the relevant Standards in regard to the VET Quality Framework of AQTF. As a Risk Management Process it is recommended by Skynet Education that RTOs retain a qualified VET auditor to conduct Internal Audits at least on a yearly basis.

The outcome will highlight any potential non compliances and areas for improvement, and demonstrate to the registering authority that they have completed risk analysis and continuous improvement activities showing commitment as a quality education provider.

Skynet Corporation completes Internal Audits to the Standards for RTOs 2015 - VET Quality Framework

Skynet facilitates Registered Training Organisations auditing, pre-registration reviews, self-assessment services to RTOs and individuals preparing for Registration. We help you comply with regulatory frameworks and legislation.

Ray Earl is a VET auditor and education consultant with more than 18 years experience in the VET sector and has completed many audits including VET Quality Framework, AQTF 2005, 2007, AQTF Essential Standards for Continuing Registration, CRICOS, National Code and VRQA Guidelines. He developed and facilitated the seminar titled: 'VET Quality Framework - Legislative Instrument & Risk Management brief' and has travelled to all States in Australia presenting to several hundred RTOs and their staff.
We are fully experienced in the VET Quality Framework (VQF).

The Internal Audit Process
Most audits are completed within 1 day (larger RTOs - 2 days), plus another day to write the report. During the audit we provide guidance and coaching with recommendations for corrective actions. Within 2 weeks of the audit, clients that have selected the audit with a written report will receive a comprehensive audit report including recommended improvement actions.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you with your risk mitigation and compliance strategies.

Internal Audits - VET Quality Framework
We offer a 1 Day Audit with NO written report - at *
$1990. A verbal close out meeting is provided with recommendations.

Our Audits (with report) include: pre-audit review of RTO of up to 4 hours, attendance onsite to complete audit 1 Day which entails a process audit of intent and action regarding the respective framework including audit of 1 qualification - 2 units competency plus associated evidence review, plus an additional 1 Day allocated to analysing data and compiling comprehensive written report with recommendations for improvement and rectification advice.

Larger RTOs may require additional time, please contact us for a quotation.
Fees must be paid in advance prior to audit.
*Travel time and cost is additional to the above cost. We travel all over Australia to complete Audits and other Consultations. If you are based more than 15klms from the CBD of Melbourne Victoria, please contact us with your details to request a quote on the additional costs of travel.

Larger RTOs may require a 2 day onsite audit

The total investment in completing internal audits is a form of insurance and will help you to mitigate your risk.

Disclaimer: Our Internal Audit and/or Audit Report does not guarantee or ensure that your RTO is compliant. This assessment will help the RTO determine gaps and non compliances so that they may then develop an improvement plan (using corrective actions with responsibilities) to ensure that areas of risk are removed. The internal audit and audit report has not been endorsed by National, State or Territory Training Authorities. Skynet Corporation and its associated entities, officers, servants, authors and/or agents (Skynet) do not guarantee that regulators auditors will ask the same questions as we do or make the same decision on compliance or non compliance. Skynet’s ability to complete all sections of the audit in one session will depend on the clients preparation for audit and the evidence provided at audit in a timely and structured manner. If the RTO is not prepared for the audit, then the chances of completing the process fully in the one session will be reduced. To achieve the most out of the audit, the RTO must have prepared for audit. Skynet does not guarantee that they will complete all areas of audit in time allotted and we will not accept responsibility for same.
Skynet are released and indemnified in respect of any claims arising from the assessment outcomes or recommendations detailed in its consultation and/or audit report. Skynet’s opinion on whether the provider is compliant or not compliant to the VET Quality Framework and associated legislative instruments is only Skynets opinion, Skynet does not guarantee or any accept responsibility should the regulator or RTO have a different point of view.


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