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National Code Resources within the ESOS Act Framework

The National Code 2007 - How to Meet the Standards CD - Are you a CRICOS Provider with a need for a New Quality Management System aligned to the National Code? or Are you a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) interested in Registering on CRICOS to offer and provide courses to Overseas Students? If you answered YES to either of these questions then you are on the right page.

National Code 2007
The National Code Resource CDs have been developed to support Registered Training Organisations registered on CRICOS (and those aspiring for registration) it addresses the requirements of the National Code 2007 Part D within the ESOS Act 2000 Framework.

The ESOS Act 2000 (amended)
Our materials have been updated in regard sections of the ESOS Act, including defaults, Tuition Protection Service (TPS), record updates, study periods, pre-paid fees, obligations, designated account.


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Compliance with the ESOS Act, the national code 2007, and any condition on a providers registration is enforced under the ESOS Act 2000 Part 6 - Enforcement Division 1A (ESOS Act 2000 pg 83). Breaches of particular sections may cause providers that are assessed as non-compliant to face fines or even jail sentences.

Audit Update
We have completed internal audits of many CRICOS providers over a number of years. The interesting fact is that the audits completed post ESOS Act amendments July 2012 have resulted in findings of a number of critical non-compliances. Certainly these findings were then documented for corrective action immediately. But the fact remains that the CRICOS provider must review their policies and procedures to ensure they reflect legislative changes and then action those changes.

The National Code 2007 and How to Meet Them CDs are Now Available
Our Materials are of high quality and have been developed over the last three years by an experienced and qualified VET professional and CRICOS Consultant. The CD includes Policies, Procedures and Forms aligned to the requirements of the National Code. The writer, Ray Earl is a qualified auditor with significant experience up to CEO level in the VET sector, with current experience managing a multi jurisdictional private RTO. He has been involved in the RAPID audits of 2009-10 and so has well grounded knowledge of the requirements for developing resources for maintaining compliance to National Code Standards.

Benefits of purchasing our products:
1. Save time in developing the materials – these quality resources have taken several years to develop
2. Save money in developing the materials – the cost of developing this quality of material or retaining a consultant to complete the project would be well over $10,000
3. The resources were developed by an experienced educational writer and qualified auditor who has also owned a successful RTO that always passed audits
4. The materials are comprehensive and have been developed taking into consideration current and prior audits aligned to the ESOS Act 2000 (amended) & the National Code 2007
5. The writer has worked in senior management in both public and private sector RTOs for over 12 years
6. The resources are licensed for use in your RTO (TAFE and consultants have a different licence – contact us for more details) and may be placed on your internal network
7. There are no ongoing fees
8. The files are provided in Word, Excel and PowerPoint format which are totally customisable for unlimited use within your RTO

Our CD contains a primary file titled: How to Meet the Standards and details each of the 5 Categories, the 15 Standards and sub sections. Each standard includes analysis of the element and suggested method of compliance. This CD includes over 60 documents. Click here to see whats on the CD.

The CD includes all systems, policies and processes (no ongoing licence fee or software issues) to place our materials on your Network to as many PCs as you like (the licence is for one RTO) for * Sorry, we are currently updating the National Code Materials - this CD is not currently for sale.
Note: *Please review our Terms and Conditions in regards use of our products, prior to purchasing.

To pay for your selection
How to pay? there are several possibilities available:

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Please note: the above images do not reflect the actual packaging format that is provided with the product.

It is imperative that you read and agree to our Terms and Conditions before you buy our CD. Click here for a copy of document.

Do not purchase our materials if you are a RTO Education Consultant or intend on using our materials in more than one RTO. If you purchase these materials in the current format then you will be in breach of our licence terms and conditions and you may face litigation.
If you are a RTO Education Consultant and/or maybe an RTO that also does RTO consulting work and you wish to use our materials then there is a consultants licence agreement.
If you wish to use our materials in more than one RTO then there is a different licence agreement.
If you are a Public Provider do not purchase from this website, there is a different licence agreement for TAFE Institutes and the licence fee will relate to your scope and size.
Kindly note that it is far better and cheaper to be honest at the onset than to purchase our products fraudulently and be caught down the track... Contact Ray with your licence requirements.

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