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How To Meet AQTF Policies & Procedures

The AQTF CDs for the 'Essential Conditions and Standards for Continuing or Initial Registration' are Now Available

Hassle free, easy to read and use documentation, including Policies, Procedures and Templates in Word format. No ongoing licence fees. The cost of time in you completing the process or in fact hiring someone to develop these resources would be well over $10,000. SORRY, THIS PRODUCT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

PLEASE NOTE: If your RTO is registered under TAC, do not purchase this CD, your are now required to comply with the Standards for RTOs 2015. Click here to go to our Skynet Standards for RTOs 2015 resources webpage. We take no responsibility for incorrect selection of products, please check with your regulator to ascertain which Standards you are audited under.

This is the latest version, completed July 2011

Our CDs includes over *120 documents plus:

  • The 3 Standards - How To Meet Them - referring to each element and associated files
  • * Over 120 documents including: policies, procedures and templates
  • A comprehensive document detailing the 9 Conditions of Registration referring to associated files
  • Business Plan Template
  • Professional Development PowerPoint presentation for AQTF
  • Financial Proforma in Excel format


Actual products may differ in appearance from image shown

* Our Documents have been developed over the last 10 years. The most recent 35 plus documents have been developed / updated for the AQTF Essential Conditions and Standards for Continuing/Initial Registration. We have also provided all previous documents which may help the RTO with other possible changes that may or may not come into effect in the future. ** Please review our Terms and Conditions at bottom this page.

The AQTF - Building Training Excellence has been broken down into two new sets of standards:

1. Essential Conditions and Standards for Continuing Registration (for current RTOs)
2. Essential Conditions and Standards for Initial Registration (for registering RTOs)

Please Note: The AQTF - 'How To Meet Them CD' is available in both formats.

Time is Money - Don't waste your time creating AQTF documentation.
The RTO must provide evidence that details how they are complying with the standards. This can be an often arduous and timely task for New RTOs and operational RTOs and in the initial stages of planning for registration this may take up to 12 months in preparation. There is NO NEED to reinvent the wheel. Skynet has developed, tested and previously been audited on some of our materials.

Skynet has been involved in vocational education, VET and training and assessment since 1999, we are specialists in AQTF and have helped set up registered training organisations (RTOs) and we operated as RTO N.21632 for several years. We have consulted to RTOs in preparation for audits and have designed more than 120 systems and compliance resources for RTOs. We had always passed our audits.

Audits and Self Assessment prior to Application for Registration
It is paramount that companies who are planning to apply for registration ensure that they complete a pre-assessment audit of their systems and processes to ensure they meet the requirements of all standards and conditions. - We can provide expert assistance in this area and other areas of compliance with the New Essential Conditions and Standards for Continuing/Initial Registration.

The Standards for RTOs 2015
If you are under the jurisdiction of the National VET Regulator - ASQA or TAC then
click here to go to relevant page

Our Services:
We offer Processes, Systems and Advice
Over 1000 hours has gone into developing more than 120 procedures, policies and systems.
Purchasers of our CD will receive FREE Internal Audit Documentation which we have used to complete Internal Audits. This documentation will guide you through your own internal audit and covers off on all standards. More about services end of page.

What is on our CDs?
Please click here for details on what is included on both CDs (section by section).
Want to view some
samples of our documents? click here to request via email.

To Purchase our CD and Other Services
There are three options available for purchasing our AQTF range of CDs:

Please NOTE: The CDs are different, make sure you select the right option. Option 1 is for current RTOs and Option 2 has been developed for initial registration.

OPTION 1. AQTF CD for Continuing Registration (current RTOs) includes all systems, policies and processes including copyright (no ongoing license fee or software issues) place our materials on your Network to as many PCs as you like (only for use in your organisation at ONE site) for - Sorry, we are currently updating the materials, the CD is not for sale.

Note: Please read our Terms and Conditions in regards use of our products, see bottom this page.


OPTION 2. AQTF CD for Initial Registration (as per option 1) for (not currently for sale).

To pay for your selection
How to pay? there are several possibilities available:

OrderNowYellow.gif Click here to pay online via credit card:

Or: If you don't want to use the Internet to make payment! click here for payment form, then print out and insert your details and option of choice and fax back to number provided.

Please note: the above images do not reflect the actual packaging format that is provided with the product.

Standard Consulting Services
Our hourly rate is negotiable, depending on the scope of assignment.

Consulting Services for a ONE Time Consultation
If you would like to meet for an 'Initial Consultation', just for a briefing on our services in line with the needs for registration and AQTF compliance.
We are able to provide this consultation for special price of 1 hour at a low price of *$169. Site location for this meeting will be in CBD Melbourne. Note: Fees must be paid in advance.

To pay for your selection
How to pay? there are several possibilities available:

1210115414788-7642.gif Click here to update your order for either the Internal Audit or the One Time Consultation as above

And again: If you don't want to use the Internet to make payment! click here and insert your details and we will e-mail you a payment form.

*Travel time and cost is additional to the above cost. We travel all over Australia to complete Audits and other Consultations. If you are based more than 10klms from the CBD of Melbourne Victoria, please contact us with your details to request a quote on the additional costs of travel.

It is imperative that you read and agree to our Terms and Conditions before you buy our CD. Click here for a copy of document.


Do not purchase our materials if you are an RTO consultant or intend on using our materials in more than one RTO. If you purchase these materials in the current format then you will be in breach of our licence terms and conditions and may face litigation.
If you are an RTO consultant and/or maybe an RTO that also does RTO consulting work and you wish to use our materials then there is a consultants licence agreement.
If you wish to use our materials in more than one RTO then there is a different licence agreement.
Kindly note that it is far better and cheaper to be honest at the onset than to purchase our products fraudulently and be caught down the track... Contact Ray with your licence requirements.

Our Products

National Code ESOS Resources - NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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5 VRQA Guidelines Resources - NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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